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Karen Reevell

    Our innovative online psychometric assessments are flexible and cost-effective, delivering valuable insight into the behaviours and abilities of people at work.     
Karen Reevell
Product Manager, Talent Q

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Graduate Potential

Using Talent Q assessments is a cost effective and reliable way to assess a large number of candidates.

It’s predictive:
A study in a global telecoms organization showed that those predicted by Dimensions personality assessment to be in the top 50 per cent of performers generated, on average, 170,000 USD more sales than those predicted as lower performers.

It can save you money:
One banking organization, spending £3m on their large scale graduate management recruitment process, found that a lack of robust and valid screening earlier on was leading to a high rate of interviewing by line managers and assessment centers later on.

By remodelling the process and including the Elements ability tests followed by Dimensions personality assessment linked to a telephone interviewing process, the predictive accuracy of the screening stages were greatly improved. As a result, line managers saw fewer, but much better, candidates which led to:

  • a reduction in total costs for assessment processes (including labour) for 28,000 applicants from £2.9 million to £1.8 milliona
  • significant reduction in HR and line management time required
  • more investment ploughed into attracting the best candidates.

Case study: read about how Dimensions helped Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) assess 10,000 employees in preparation for privatization.