• How have salaries


    eight years after the

    global recession?

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  • Managers - job


    aren't in their

    job description

    Let us do the hard work for you and your
    managers with our Activate Job Description
    web app.

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  • Take your graduate

    hires on a Journey

    of self-discovery

    Journey is a revolutionary new mobile app
    which helps your new graduate hires master
    the emotional and social skills they need
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The future of pay

The world sees biggest pay rise in three years

Our 2016 global salary forecast shows that for the majority of countries, real wage increases in 2016 are set to be the highest in three years. Workers globally will see an average real pay increase of 2.5% – as increases combine with historically low inflation to leave employees better off.

New insight piece

How gamification can help companies achieve their strategic goals

For companies, gamification can be a useful tool for activating employees’ to change their behavior in ways that help the organization achieve its strategic goals.

Video insights

Why Webasto China works with Hay Group to develop their management team