Employee Effectiveness - Online Employee Engagement Survey

Phillip Spriet

    Put an end to workplace frustration and get the most out of your employees     
Phillip Spriet
Global managing director, productized services

The return on investment

Over the past 35 years, over research has shown that when high levels of employee engagement are combined with high levels of employee enablement, organizations achieve significantly improved results.

Engage and Enable your employee


The benefits

  • Identifies barriers to performance. The Employee Effectiveness Survey is unique in measuring, not only how engaged employees are, but also how enabled they are to do their job. So, that you can identify exactly what is getting in the way of performance.
  • Global benchmarks. We compare your results against a database of 4 million people in hundreds of organizations. You can interpret your results against a choice of 80 separate benchmarks including 56 country norms, 20 major industry groups and our high performing company benchmark. So, you can see how your employee effectiveness stacks up against your competitors.
  • Intuitive reporting. The detailed reporting saves you valuable time and resources, leaving you free to act on the results.
  • Delivers results quickly. As an online, off-the-shelf product, EES is a quick and cost effective way for you to access Hay Group’s well respected methodology

Client case study

Hume is one of Australia’s leading regional mutual financial institutions, offering the regional community a real banking alternative with excellent products, exceptional service and unparalleled convenience. In this video, Jessie Arney, General Manager of Human Resources explains why they choose to use the Employee Effectiveness Survey.

Case study