Employee Effectiveness - Online Employee Engagement Survey

Phillip Spriet

    Put an end to workplace frustration and get the most out of your employees     
Phillip Spriet
Global managing director, productized services

Employee Effectiveness is an easy to use employee survey that measures proven key drivers of employee performance.

It is based on extensive research conducted by Hay Group that proves engagement alone does not drive employee effectiveness. Employees also need to be enabled. In other words, employees need to be in the right role and given a supportive environment with no significant barriers to performance.


The survey
The process is simple and easy to implement. Employees respond to a 49 question online survey which measures engagement and enablement and 12 other contributing drivers.
Benchmark comparisons
The survey responses are compared with your choice of benchmarks – representing 20 major industry groups and 56 country norms – drawn from a global norm database of 4 million people in hundreds of organizations.

The results
Your report gives an overview of organization wide results plus individual reports of your choice for business unit, region or function. A segmentation analysis of your employees that categorizes each respondent into one of four groups: most effective; frustrated, detached or least effective is also included. This provides an excellent view on the effectiveness of the organization.

You will have a dedicated account manager who will assist you with setting up the survey and with employee participation and report delivery. And a comprehensive guide to running a successful survey provides tips to help you communicate with employees throughout the process and turn your results into effective, sustainable action plans.