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Edwina Melville-Gray

    Leadership Styles and Climate is the closest you can get to a profit and loss statement for how well a leader is managing their people.     
Edwina Melville-Gray
Global Category Manager, Talent
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What is the true value of your leaders? How successfully do they deliver real results for your organization?

Hay Group has spent over 40 years answering these questions for clients. Our experience shows that the best leaders create high-performing climates that motivate their teams. They draw on a broad repertoire of leadership styles to use in different situations.

Leadership Styles and Climate is a set of online tools that provides an accurate picture of both leadership styles and the impact that leaders have on their teams.

This powerful combination of feedback, benchmarked against the world’s most extensive leadership databases, gives a focus for further development. It enables leaders to refine their behavior and ultimately improve their bottom-line performance.

You can also still find other Hay Group leadership assessment and development tools at www.haygroup.com/leadershipandtalentondemand