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What is "Engagement@Work 2014"?

  • “Engagement@Work 2014” - Belgium is an annual survey by the Hay Group on the primary motive forces behind employee engagement in Belgium.
  • As an organization, you can participate in this survey by internally investigating the engagement of your employees.
  • After conclusion of the survey, you will receive a report for your organization, which includes the strong points that promote good performance by your employees and barriers that stand in their way.

Engagement@Work helps HR and company managers in effectively identifying and modifying the most important factors for engagement, with the objective of improving the performance of both their employees and the organization.


What do you receive?

  • A specific report about your company, which includes an analysis of the engagement level of your employees.
  • A comparison of the engagement level in your own organization, with those of other organizations in Belgium.
  • A support package for communications with your employees, before, during and after the survey, as well as for initiating action plans.
  • Hay Group will support you throughout the entire participation process. This includes communications towards your employees, execution of the employee survey and the delivery of a final report on your organization.


What do we measure?

Various surveys during the past 35 years have shown that organizations can achieve substantially improved results, whenever a high level of involvement of the personnel is combined with a high level of facilitation.


Employee Effectiveness framework

employee effectiveness


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More information

If you would like to receive more theoretical or practical information about our survey, we will gladly make an appointment at your office and provide more explanations. Please contact me through the email address below, or by filling in this form.

Starting date: the first working day of the month.


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