Growth Factors

    The GFI has helped us to make more accurate judgments – spotting talent that we might have missed.     
HR Director

If your managers find it difficult to make the distinction between current performance and future potential they risk overlooking future leaders – or backing the wrong candidates.
Using the GFI you can:

  • direct your investment in leadership development 
  • spot hidden talent you might otherwise miss 
  • ensure employees can fully exploit development opportunities 
  • ‘reality check’ early evaluations of entry-level employees.

A case study
A Chartered Institute wanted to identify leaders in their middle management population.
Hay Group ran the GFI for 25 department heads, compared the feedback with other diagnostic data and the results were discussed in a talent forum.

  • Only eight of the 25 individuals were deemed as having high potential
  • 14 of the managers who had good performance ratings were deemed to have low leadership potential
  • The findings challenged preconceptions and biases and individuals with potential who weren’t considered future leaders were identified
  • Hay Group’s independent analysis of the 25 managers made sense – it had ‘face validity’ with the senior team.