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Jan Machtelinckx

    Our online assessment tools are available in over 30 languages, offer multiple outputs, are very verstile and can be easily customized.     
Jan Machtelinckx
Product Manager, Talent Category Lead
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Talent Q measures both personality and ability.

Dimensions: Personality testing
Dimensions assesses key work-related personality attributes to help you match individuals to specific jobs. It is:

  • Multi-purpose: one assessment can generate multiple reports to support a wide range of talent management tasks from recruitment through to development
  • Versatile: with an inbuilt personality-based job profiler, individuals can be measured and rank ordered against the requirements of a specific role, considered for a lateral role change or assessed for potential at a senior level
  • Quick to complete: Taking about 25 minutes to complete, it demands less time than most commonly used personality questionnaires
  • Easy to interpret and use
  • Available in multiple languages.

Download the Dimensions brochure

Elements: Ability testing
Elements is a set of adaptive online tests that measure numerical, logical and verbal reasoning. The tests are comprehensive and secure. Completing all three strands of Elements will take about 45 minutes and include 15 verbal, 12 numerical and 12 logical questions.

  • Test difficulty is not based on an individual’s education, role or work experience. Elements assesses and adapts to the ability of the candidate as they progress through the test, allowing individuals to demonstrate their full ability and potential.
  • There is no need to identify the most suitable test for a given role or maintain a suite of ability tests.
  • Data collected from a single test can be processed against a variety of benchmarks.
  • Elements can be completed remotely in conjunction with a subsequent short verification test, so that the user is assured of the candidate’s true performance.

Download the Elements brochure

Due to the complex and detailed nature of the Talent Q reports, it is essential that feedback is delivered by an accredited practitioner who can provide guidance, insight and coaching based on the data.

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