Your challenges

Recruit, assess, retain, reward and develop your employees

Recruiting, assessing, retaining, rewarding and developing your employees presents a set of annual ‘jobs to be done’ for all HR professionals and business leaders.

Hay Group has taken its 60 years of HR expertise and IP and channelled it into a unique suite of proven and standardized tools and protocols to offer you simple and affordable ways to support or professionalize these reoccurring processes. An excellent opportunity to improve your return on your people and HR budget.

If you are facing any of the challenges below then we have a tool that can help:

Attracting and selecting the best talent

  • Select the best people from a large pool of candidates in a fast, cost effective and reliable way using our Talent Q psychometric assessments.
  • Measure the competitiveness of your pay and benefits with Hay Group’s suite of world-leading reward benchmarking tools.
  • Help your employees understand that full value of their total reward package with our simple and affordable Total Remuneration Statements
  • Measure how engaged and enabled your employees are with our Employee Effectiveness Survey.

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Developing your leaders

  • Identify your future leaders with our Growth Factor Inventory tool which measures proven indicators of leadership potential.
  • Deliver results through your frontline managers with our cost effective and scalable program, Leadership impact for frontline managers.

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Retaining the best people

  • Monitor the competitiveness of your reward with our world-leading reward benchmarking tools.
  • Communicate the full value of your pay and benefits packages with our Total Remuneration Statements.
  • Identify the key indicators for staff turnover with our Employee Effectiveness Survey.
  • Develop your frontline managers to create positive working environments that drive motivation and retention with Leadership impact for frontline managers.

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Boosting the performance of your people

  • Develop your leaders' star qualities with our Emotional Intelligence offering.
  • Measure the proven drivers of employee performance in your organization with our Employee effectiveness survey.

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