Attract and select the best

People make the crucial difference between outstanding organizations and the rest: high-performing employees are more than twice as productive as the average worker. 

But the war for talent is intensifying, making it ever more difficult to attract the best candidates.

Recruiting the best requires a competitive reward offering and the ability to assess talent effectively. Getting the most from your people means putting the right individuals in the right roles, then ensuring that they deliver outstanding results over the long term.

How Hay Group can help


Specialist and managerial recruitment - Good management appointments lead to better overall performance, increased employee engagement and higher retention of staff. We can provide valuable insight at the recruitment stage to help ensure you get the right managers and specialists for your organization.

Volume recruitment - For organizations that attract high volumes of applications, the need for fast, cost-efficient and objective assessment is critical. We can help you screen out unsuitable candidates quickly and cost effectively, enabling you to focus your selection process on the right talent.

Graduate recruitment - Talent Q assessments can help you assess and improve the effectiveness of your graduate recruitment process to identify the best talent today, with the most potential for your organizational needs tomorrow.

Reward benchmarking

Hay Group’s suite of world-leading reward benchmarking tools can help you measure competitiveness and attract and retain your best people. They are used by more than 70 per cent of the Fortune Top 200.

PayNet – gives you access to pay and benefits data for any job, in any sector, anywhere, at any time
Reward Pinpoint – measures the competiveness of your reward packages
Reward Snapshot – quickly and simply benchmarks up to three reward elements

Reward communications

Total Remuneration Statements places a tangible value on each employee’s full pay and benefits, allowing you to communicate to your employees their entire reward package in a simple, affordable and reliable way.

Employee effectiveness

Our Employee Effectiveness Survey helps you measure the proven drivers of employee performance. This ensures that you are getting the best out of your best people.

Research proves that organizations can increase performance by up to 40 per cent and improve innovation with an engaged and enabled workforce.