About us

A suite of HR tools and protocols from global management consulting firm, Hay Group

Hay Group has taken its 60 years of HR expertise and channelled it into a unique suite of standardized self-service tools and protocols to help you tackle your recurring HR processes easily and effectively.

All of our tools:

  • are based on Hay Group, or Hay Group supported, research and know-how, successfully implemented and fine-tuned in thousands of clients over 60 years
  • can be used stand alone or integrated with our consulting
  • have global reach
  • are cost effective
  • are completely scalable: appropriate to a small or medium sized business or to a global multinational
  • are benchmarked against extensive world class databases that enable you to compare your results against high performing organizations worldwide
  • measure only those factors that our research has shown to impact bottom line performance.

Our tools help you get the job done at every stage of the employee lifecycle: from spotting hidden talent to paying competitively; from developing high performance employees to helping your leaders create working climates in which everyone can thrive. Ultimately, they help you get a better return on your people and your HR budget.

This new set of offerings sits alongside our consulting business. And drawing on the ongoing research of Hay Group combined with our market research guarantees an ongoing refreshment of our range of offerings.

For more information on Hay Group consulting services please visit: www.haygroup.com