Organizational Climate Survey & Leadership Styles Inventory

Edwina Melville-Gray

    Leadership Styles and Climate is the closest you can get to a profit and loss statement for how well a leader is managing their people.     
Edwina Melville-Gray
Global Category Manager, Talent
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Our Leadership Styles and Climate offering consists of two online assessments: the Inventory of Leadership Styles (ILS) and the Organizational Climate Survey (OCS). We provide you with all the tools you need to be self-sufficient: access and training on our self-service administration tool and accreditation so that you are able to deliver feedback internally.

The Leadership Styles and Climate tools are based on the seminal work of psychologists Litwin and Stringer at Harvard University and decades of further research by Hay Group amongst top organizations worldwide. They are benchmarked against tens of thousands of managers around the world, so you can be confident in assessing how your leaders stack up against the best in your market.

The inventory of leadership styles (ILS)
The ILS helps you understand leadership from the point of view of those being led. It measures six styles of leadership which are proven to drive team performance most effectively:

  • coercive: gaining immediate compliance from employees
  • authoritative: providing long term vision and leadership
  • affiliative: creating trust and harmony
  • democratic: reaching group consensus and generating new ideas
  • pacesetting: leading by example and accomplishing tasks to high standards
  • coaching: focusing on the professional growth of employees. The ILS gives leaders what they need to make choices in their leadership behavior and offers clear ‘next steps’ for development.

The organizational climate survey (OCS)
The OCS gives an accurate picture of your employees’ perceptions of how their working climate affects their ability to do their jobs. A better climate at work not only makes people more motivated, our research shows it can improve bottom-line performance too – by up to 30 per cent.

The OCS identifies the six dimensions, created by the individual leader, that have the biggest impact on team performance:

  • clarity: everyone knows what is expected of them
  • standards: challenging but attainable goals are set
  • responsibility: employees are given authority to accomplish tasks
  • flexibility: there are no unnecessary rules, policies and procedures
  • rewards: employees are recognized and rewarded for good performance
  • team commitment: people are proud to belong to the organization.

Combined use of the ILS and OCS provides some powerful feedback and must be delivered by an accredited consultant.
Accreditation is included in the set up cost for this offering. 
E-learning modules
You can support your leaders in acting on their feedback and developing their leadership styles with the help of our e-learning modules.

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