Talent Q - Psychometric Assessments For Recruitment And Screening

Karen Reevell

    Our innovative online psychometric assessments are flexible and cost-effective, delivering valuable insight into the behaviours and abilities of people at work.     
Karen Reevell
Product Manager, Talent Q
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How do you gain valuable insight into the skills, behaviors and abilities of people at work? Is there a reliable way to assess suitability that’s fast, scalable and objective?

We work in partnership with leading assessment provider, Talent Q, to help organizations deliver objective, cost effective talent management solutions.

Talent Q offers an elegantly simple portfolio of online psychometric assessments, which deliver valuable insight into the skills, behaviours and abilities of people at work. Using the latest testing technology, Talent Q assessments have been developed with a commitment to scientific rigour, practicality and flexibility, and can be used for screening and selecting the right talent for your organization.

You can quickly and consistently assess candidates’ suitability for specific roles, as well as create role profiles. Available in over 40 languages, Talent Q assessments enable you to make more confident and cost-effective recruitment decisions.


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