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Karen Reevell

    Our innovative online psychometric assessments are flexible and cost-effective, delivering valuable insight into the behaviours and abilities of people at work     
Karen Reevell
Product Manager, Talent Q

The Talent Q portfolio of assessments can be used to measure skills, behaviors and abilities of people at work.

Dimensions: Personality assessment

Dimensions is an online personality questionnaire that measures behavioral preferences at work, focusing on how a person prefers to manage relationships with others, their approach to tasks and their sources of energy and motivation. Using this assessment can help improve the accuracy of hiring decisions by giving objective insights about an individual’s likely behavior at work

  • From a single completion of Dimensions, you can generate multiple reports to support a wide range of talent management tasks from recruitment through to development. These are applicable to different stakeholders, including HR managers and line managers, and there is also a free report for candidates.
  • With an inbuilt personality-based job profiler, individuals can be measured and rank ordered against the requirements of a specific role, considered for a lateral role change or assessed for potential at a senior level.
  • Dimensions can be mapped to your organisation’s competency framework, allowing you to generate customised reports.
  • Average completion time is 25 minutes.
  • Available in 41 languages.

    Download the Dimensions and Elements factsheet here

Elements: Ability testing

Elements is a suite of online adaptive ability tests measuring verbal, numerical and logical reasoning skills designed specifically for use in graduate, professional, managerial and executive level roles. Each of the tests can be used in isolation or alongside other assessments.
  •  Elements uses the latest ‘adaptive’ testing technology, tailoring the difficulty of the next question presented based on the candidate’s previous response. This ensures the questions are at the optimum level of challenge and means there is no upper ability cap, enabling the candidate to demonstrate their true ability and potential.
  • There is no need to maintain a suite of ability assessments covering different ability levels, as all roles from supervisor upwards can use the same test.
  • Elements can be completed remotely in conjunction with a subsequent short adaptive verification test, so that the user is assured of the candidate’s true performance.
  • Average completion time is 12 minutes for verbal and numerical and 9 minutes for logical.
  • Available in 41 languages.

    Download the Dimensions and Elements factsheet here

Aspects: Volume recruitment solution
Aspects is a portfolio of assessments specifically designed to support the volume recruitment of frontline staff. These assessments measure the fundamental skills and abilities required for frontline customer service, sales and support roles.

Aspects Styles

Aspects Styles is an online competency-based screening questionnaire designed for the early stages of recruitment to quickly identify unsuitable applicants, allowing only those who more closely match the requirements of the role to proceed.

  • Based on a model of 16 competencies designed to reflect those needed in customer facing roles, we work with you to identify which are the best predictors of job success for your role.
  • Aspects Styles produces a dynamically-generated interview guide, enabling the interviewing manager to conduct higher quality and more relevant interviews. 
  • Average completion time is 8 minutes.

Aspects Ability

Aspects Ability tests measure verbal, numerical and checking skills designed specifically for use in frontline customer service, sales and support roles.

  • Designed with a contemporary feel, Aspects Ability provides a candidate experience with high face validity.
  • The ability tests adapt to the candidate’s performance in real time affording a time-efficient but rigorous assessment experience.
  • Average completion time is 8 minutes for verbal, 10 minutes for numerical and 6 minutes for checking.

Aspects Affinity

Aspects Affinity is a solution for delivering realistic job previews (RJPs) as part of your recruitment process. RJPs give a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to work at a company, providing applicants with an indication of their likely fit with the organization and the role before the start of the recruitment process.

Aspects Judgement

Aspects Judgement is a solution for delivering bespoke situational judgement tests (SJTs) that are customized to reflect the specific scenarios faced, and competencies required, within your organization. We can work with you to design and deliver situational judgement tests (SJTs) that are customised to reflect the specific scenarios faced, and competencies required, within your role(s) and organisation.

    Download the Aspects factsheet here


Our training in psychometric assessment is centred on the use of ability and personality assessment in the workplace, and accredits delegates in the use of Talent Q Elements, Dimensions and Aspects.
For those who already have BPS Test User: Occupational, Personality certification (formerly Level B), we run a one-day Dimensions Accreditation workshop, to accredit practitioners in the use of the Dimensions personality questionnaire.

   Please contact us for more details on accreditation.