Total Remuneration Statements

Lucy Muchira

    We have distilled 60 years of reward know-how into a simple, affordable and reliable way for you to value and communicate an employee's whole pay and benefits package.     
Lucy Muchira
Product Manager

Hay Group is a world leader when it comes to reward expertise.

Our methodology for valuing and benchmarking reward packages, based on 60 years of knowledge and experience, is used by more than 6,000 organizations worldwide.

Our robust methodology attributes a cash value to each component of the package:

  • Base salary, short-term variable payments, allowances and some benefits are reported at face value.
  • Other benefits are calculated using our standard cost of employment approach, which assigns an annualized value for each benefit, based on a standard employee population.
  • For long-term incentives, we produce an accurate measure of the market value of the employee’s incentive plans, taking into account typical plan design features, current best practice and regulatory developments affecting valuations.

The full breakdown of the cash value of each reward component is then outlined in an easy-to-read, one-page statement for the employee.