Darbinieku iesaistīšana un iespēju došana

A talent exodus is looming as the global economy picks up and job markets improve around the world.

If you are not creating the right environment for your people, disgruntled employees will take off in search of better conditions. And your best talent is most likely to walk.

With replacing an employee costing upwards of 12 months’ salary, organizations need to act to secure the long-term commitment of their workforce.

How Hay Group can help

Reward benchmarking

Hay Group’s world-leading reward benchmarking tools help you to monitor competitiveness in order to attract and retain the best people. They are used by more than 70 per cent of the Fortune Top 200.

Our reward suite comprises of:

PayNet – gives you access to pay and benefits data for any job, in any sector, anywhere, at any time
Reward Pinpoint – measures the competiveness of your reward packages
Reward Snapshot – quickly and simply benchmarks up to three reward elements

Reward communications

Total Remuneration Statements (TRS) ensures that your employees understand the full value of their pay and benefits packages. This helps improve workforce engagement and job satisfaction and reduce staff turnover.

Employee effectiveness

Our Employee Effectiveness Survey is an essential start point to protecting employee retention. This powerful online tool helps you identify the key indicators of staff turnover – by level, function, department, country and demographic, as well as overall.

Leadership development

The best leaders create positive working environments that motivate their teams. This enhances not only retention, but also improves bottom line performance.

Our Leadership Styles and Climate (LSC) tools are a unique set of online diagnostics that help you measure and improve your leaders’ performance.

Leadership impact for frontline managers is a cost-effective way to improve business performance through your frontline managers. It is proven to reduce staff turnover by as much as a third.