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    the best

    Do your reward packages attract quality candidates?
    Do you know how to identify the best talent when recruiting?

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    Team climate can impact the bottom line by as
    much as 30 per cent. Are your leaders creating
    a high-performance environment?

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    How engaged are your employees? Are they being
    frustrated in their efforts to perform?

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    the performance

    of your


    Outstanding employees are more than twice as productive
    as average ones. Do your staff have what it takes?

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    People know-how in the hands of the people

    who make things happen. Your managers.

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We work with 70 per cent of the Global Fortune 200 companies

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Go from good to great!

Hay Group has a suite of Masterclass workshops. We are also a WSQ Approved Training Organisation (ATO) for the training of Human Resource professionals under the Human Resource Workforce Skills Qualifications (HR WSQ) framework.

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Learn about our global research into employee retention

Preparing for take-off – Global research into employee retention