Frontline Management and Leadership Development

Stephen Lams

    Leadership impact for frontline managers provides you with the tools to help frontline leaders create a positive climate for their teams and improve performance.     
Stephen Lams
Program manager
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Hay Group’s world class expertise at your disposal.

You gain first-hand experience of the frontline managers workshop, which uses diagnostics, self-directed learning and facilitated training.

In addition to the two-day programme, a further one-day workshop gives you the accreditation to deliver to your frontline managers.

The six stages of your Frontline Leadership Workshop are:

1. Enrollment:

a welcome and introduction to the workshop

2. Diagnostics:

measures the effectiveness of frontline managers and the impact they have on their teams, using our online Inventory of Leadership Styles and Organisational Climate Survey assessment tools.

3. Facilitated learning:

The two-day workshop enables you to experience what you will later deliver to frontline managers in your organisation. The workshop provides an in-depth understanding of how their behaviour impacts performance; and you take away concrete actions that will have an immediate impact on team performance.

An additional one-day workshop gives you the chance to achieve accreditation, enabling you to deliver leadership impact to your frontline leaders.

4. Outcome:

By going through the two-day workshop and additional one day of accreditation, you will be able to experience what you can deliver to frontline managers in your organisation, and after the three-day programme, you'll receive a full package of support materials - participant deck, facilitator materials and case study reports - to assist you in delivering the programme to your frontline managers.