Reward Pinpoint

Ben Frost

    A like-for-like check of competitiveness for every part of your reward package     
Ben Frost
Product manager
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Reward Pinpoint assigns values to each part of your pay and benefits package, using a tried and tested methodology that provides credible, robust, comparable data you can trust.

It provides you with a report that shows:

  • the value of every tangible part of your reward package, including both cash and benefits.
  • details of how you compare to the market – by grade and individual employee.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use – data provided in Excel format that can be easily integrated with other information
  • Reliable – based on a robust actuarial model, backed up by Hay Group’s consistent methodology and market comparisons
  • Confidential – your data is anonymous and can’t be seen by anyone else
  • Consistent – data for over 60 countries produced and displayed in a globally consistent format for easy like-for-like comparison
  • Supported by expert knowledge – access to local expertise to help you understand the implications for your business, and advise on any changes to your reward package

Accessing this information is simple
If you already participate in Hay Group’s reward database, we can deliver the report on demand. Otherwise, you will need to submit your data before we can provide you with this analysis. You can join at anytime, and our team will guide you through the simple process.

All the information you give us remains anonymous, so only you will see the values for the benefits for your employees, as well as the market data for particular benefits, roles and grades.

Download the Pinpoint brochure here