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Leadership is the most influential factor determining organisational performance.

Forty years of Hay Group research demonstrates that leadership style accounts for as much as 70 per cent of the variation in working climate – and that climate can affect the bottom line by up to 30 per cent.

A positive working environment is therefore critical to business success. But according to a Hay Group study of over 86,000 leaders worldwide, 55 per cent are actually creating demotivating climates.

How Hay Group can help

Identifying potential

An individual’s current performance isn’t always the most reliable indicator of his or her potential.

Growth Factors provides a reliable way to identify the leaders of the future by measuring proven indicators of leadership potential.

Leadership development

Our Leadership Styles and Climate tools are a unique set of online diagnostics that help you measure and improve your leaders’ performance.

The feedback from these surveys enables leaders to hone their behavior and enhance their leadership performance.

Leadership Impact for Frontline Managers is a cost-effective way to enhance team climates and improve business performance through your frontline managers.