Growth Factors

Signe Spencer, Ph.D

    Predicting potential, particularly long term potential, is a high-stakes game. You are not just dealing in specifics such as previous performance record, you are deciding where to place the organization’s bets in investing time and resources to develop future leaders.     
Signe Spencer, Ph.D
Global Leader for Capability Assessment at Hay Group

The growth factors inventory (GFI) measures four qualities that have been shown to define an individual’s readiness to stretch beyond their current role.  This 360º assessment focuses specifically on those capabilities that can contribute to leadership development.

  • Eagerness to learn – the willingness to take a risk in learning something new
  • Breadth of perspective – the ability to take a wider perspective and bring in additional points of view
  • Understanding others – accurate understanding of other people’s thoughts and feelings
  • Personal maturity – the ability to take feedback and difficulties as a chance to grow.

The GFI was based on in-depth research and findings in leadership development and human performance and tested against Hay Group’s proprietary database of thousands of leaders at all levels. Outstanding leaders at all levels scored higher in every factor. In other words, the growth factors strongly correlated to outstanding leadership.

The process
This offering is delivered using our self-service website which gives you full control to administer this tool in your organization (registering participants, sending survey links and reminders, and producing feedback reports). Once participants log in they can nominate people to provide feedback on them – survey links are automatically emailed to raters. We will provide you with the necessary training to use our self-service website.

The reports
The GFI generates two reports:

  • The talent pool report gives managers the ‘big picture’ by providing an ‘audit’ of potential across a group of employees
  • The feedback report gives individuals the information they need to understand and work on their own potential.

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