Growth Factors

Signe Spencer, Ph.D

    Predicting potential, particularly long term potential, is a high-stakes game. You are not just dealing in specifics such as previous performance record, you are deciding where to place the organization’s bets in investing time and resources to develop future leaders.     
Signe Spencer, Ph.D
Global Leader for Capability Assessment at Hay Group

What are the early signs of a prospective future leader? How do you decide who would benefit most from development opportunities?

The senior leaders of tomorrow aren’t always those with the most impressive results today. So organizations need a reliable way to separate future potential from current performance.

The growth factors inventory (GFI) is a 360º online survey tool that enables you to target and measure the four specific characteristics that point to leadership potential.

It offers you a better return on investment from your training budget by identifying precisely who will benefit most from development and helps create a strong leadership pipeline. 

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