Job Evaluation Manager

Navid Bazari

    “An online system that manages every aspect of the job evaluation process and increases efficiency by using one platform to store and report job information.”     
Navid Bazari
Product manager
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Do you find job evaluation complex and time-consuming? Do you need an efficient process that ensures consistency and enhances productivity? Do you need a central point of reference and storage?

Job evaluation is a critical foundation for people management but it can be costly, complex and time consuming. Many organizations find it difficult to manage and maintain their job information so struggle to keep JE current and consistent and often lose valuable information when key HR people move on.

Job Evaluation ManagerSM (JEM) is an online system that makes job evaluation accessible and manages every aspect of the process. JEM increases efficiency by using one platform to store and report job information. As a result, jobs are placed at the right level, career ladders are clear to every user and pay is valued correctly.

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JEM builds Hay Group’s world renowned job evaluation methodology into a powerful online solution that delivers clarity, consistency and control of your job information, and can increase productivity during the job evaluation process by up to 20 percent.

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Whether you are in one office, 10 cities or 100 countries, contact Hay Group today to find out about how JEM can help to maximize your job evaluation return on investment.