Reward Pinpoint

Ben Frost

    A like-for-like check of competitiveness for every part of your reward package     
Ben Frost
Product manager

Do you know whether each element of your reward package is competitive across all territories?

The total pay and benefits value is an important measure of overall competitiveness.  It can be even more useful to know exactly how each element of a package compares to the market.

Reward Pinpoint analyzes 20 employee rewards, from base salary through to total remuneration, and including all the major package ingredients in between. Based on Hay Group’s unrivalled data, it shows you exactly where your offering is competitive – and where it could be improved.

So, you are better placed to ensure that your offering appeals to top talent while not spending more than you need.

More than 70 percent of the global Fortune Top 200 companies trust in our reward tools