Total Remuneration Statements

Ben Frost

    We have distilled 60 years of reward know-how into a simple, affordable and reliable way for you to value and communicate an employee's whole pay and benefits package.     
Ben Frost
Product Manager
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Do your employees understand the full value of their pay and benefits package? Or do they only consider their base salary and bonuses?

When employees get the whole picture, you optimize your reward spend. Fail to get the message across and you could be underutilizing up to 50 per cent of your investment.

Hay Group’s Total Remuneration Statements (TRS) helps you to value and communicate an employee’s full pay and benefits package in a simple, affordable and reliable way. TRS place a tangible value on the ‘hidden’ elements of a remuneration package.

This helps employees understand how much they are valued by the organization and see what this means to them in monetary terms. And you reap the dividends: TRS is a highly effective way to boost workforce engagement, job satisfaction and ultimately business results.

More than 70 percent of the global Fortune Top 200 companies trust in our reward tools