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Dec 17, 2013
Stephen LamsEver tried to build an igloo with the wrong kind of snow?
Great line managers are like glue. They make strategy sticky. Stephen Lams outlines the three key steps to making your strategy stick. Read more here
Dec 10, 2013
Global salary forecast 2014Hay Group’s latest pay forecast data finds salary rises across the world are in decline
Salaries are set to increase by 5.2% on average but rises for 2014 are expected to average 0.3% less than last year’s forecasts (5.5%). Read more here
Dec 06, 2013
Ben FrostTwo birds, one stone: HR and the Smartphone revolution
Ben Frost discusses how the smartphone could pave the way to solving the key issues in HR today. Read the full post here
Nov 29, 2013
Dave SmithDisruptive technologies in people management: HR’s chance to lead the change
Can HR really keep up with tecnological advancements? Dave Smith thinks so, and argues that HR could even lead this change. Read Dave's blog here
19 Nov 2013
Hay Group ActivateThe butterfly effect: Hay Group Activate is here
Hay Group Activate is a suite of business apps that empower managers to improve performance and take action on people issues, in full alignment with HR policy. Click here to learn more
13 Nov 2013
David SmithAlways on: How smartphones have the power to revolutionize the world of work
David Smith explores how mobile technology is changing the way we work and what this may look like in the future. Click here to read more
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Philip Spriet‘Power on’: From passing the buck to activating the line
Philip Spriet discusses what managers really want: responsibility to take action for themselves and their teams. Read more
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David Smith

When it comes to pay and benefits – are we better off working closer to home?
With train fares and wages rising how long before companies based in the cities prioritise the support for commuting talent or move out of these areas completely? David Smith tells us more

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Jeff BlairPerformance all down the line
Millennials have well and truly arrived in the workplace. But what do firms need to do to attract – and, crucially, empower – this new generation of talent? Read the latest blog post
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YuryCan more sophisticated reward strategies help Russian multinationals win the war for talent?
Each week, we examine the economic context of an emerging market and the implications for multinationals’ reward policies. This week, Yury Levichev looks at Russia. Read more
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Vijay GandhiWithout local knowledge, multinationals in Africa are at risk of missing out in the war for talent
For reward managers of multinationals, Africa throws up a year and a day’s worth of issues. But for Vijay Gandhi, the hardest thing is developing a regional pay policy that works across highly localized markets, that enables organizations to not only attract but keep good employees. Read more
Sept 16, 2013
New look PayNetOur world leading online pay database has undergone a major facelift
It is now even easier and simpler for you to benchmark pay and benefits data against more than 20,000 global organizations in over 100 countries. Find out more
Sept 13, 2013
David Smith

Leading from the front: The business benefits of engaging frontline leaders in people management
Dave Smith reveals that HR professionals want to empower line managers to do more. Here, he outlines the main benefits to this. Read the latest blog post

Sept 4, 2013
Gustavo Tavares

How can firms get to grips with Brazil's unique reward challenges?
Doing business in Brazil brings with it challenges and managing the complexities of reward is one of them, according to Gustavo Tavares. In his most recent blog Gustavo outlines the key reward challenges in Brazil today. Read more here

Aug 26, 2013
Signe SpencerHow to be a visionary leader, even if you're not Dr. King
Few among us can aspire to the majestic oratory of Dr. Martin Luther King. Fortunately, you don’t need his eloquence or the universality of his cause to be a visionary and inspiring leader for your organization. Read the latest blog post
Aug 23, 2013
Wendy Nicholls

Reward trends in emerging markets: blog series
With salaries shooting up, could China be losing its luster?
Read the latest blog post

Aug 16, 2013
Are your leaders creating a profitable climate?Inflexible global leaders are demotivating their workforce
Hay Group’s latest research finds that global business leaders are over-reliant on a single leadership style, de-motivating employees and holding back organizational performance as a result. Read more here