Hay Group Activate

Philip Spriet

    Put more HR power in the hands of your managers, without losing control of policy, and your business performance will soar     
Philip Spriet
Global managing director, productized services

Activate makes it easy for your employees to behave in line with your business strategy

If you are looking to:

  • Make it easy for managers to make decisions about their people in line with your HR strategy
  • Speed up your recruitment and resourcing process
  • Make employee development stick
  • Help your managers become better leaders and get the best from their teams
  • Help your people develop the skills they need to be successful at work

Hay Group Activate is a suite of simple and intuitive business apps that help your people make better decisions about their people and improve their own and their team’s performance.

Each app addresses a specific people management challenge. It is packed with Hay Group insight and designed with the user in mind: simple and intuitive to use.

You keep control of what information your people can access, and you can track how they’re using it.
Our apps are available on mobile, tablet and PC.

The apps in the Hay Group Activate suite are:

For your managers:

Leadership Styles and Climate: a 'coach in the pocket' guiding managers to boost their impact and the performance of their team.

Grade a job: helps managers make decisions about how they defines the roles in their team.

Price a job: helps you make faster decision about what to pay your people.

For your employees:

Journey - helps your recent graduate recruits to develop the emotional and social skills they need to excel at work.

Watch our video below on how you can help your people make your strategy happen.