Emotional Intelligence 360º assessment

Daniel Goleman

    Interest in Emotional Intelligence in the business world has grown not faded. It is not a fad. It is a fact.     
Daniel Goleman
Psychologist and noted expert on Emotional Intelligence

What are the differences between an outstanding performer and an average one? What if you could quantify the behaviors that set them apart?

Thanks to our partnerships with Emotional Intelligence pioneers Dr. Daniel Goleman and Dr. Richard Boyatzis, Hay Group can help you to measure and develop the ‘star qualities’ of high performers.

Emotional Intelligence uses the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI), a unique online survey tool that’s already proved invaluable to thousands of managers and professionals around the world. It delivers a 360º assessment of an individual’s emotional and social behaviors so that you can, as an accredited user, quickly interpret and act upon the results.

We’ll up-skill you with everything you need to deliver this product yourself. We'll provide access to our self-service administration site (so you can administer your own surveys), and we’ll accredit you so that you can deliver feedback. You are then ready to encourage individual progress and develop emotional intelligence throughout your organization.

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