Styles and climate

Stephen Lams

    Our Styles and Climate app lets managers create a simple but powerful action plan that guides them towards more effective leadership practice.     
Stephen Lams
Product manager

Even the very best leadership development programs will only achieve measurable, game-changing results if they alter the day to day habits of managers. Hay Group’s Styles and Climate app is designed to help you achieve that, simply and cost-effectively.

This powerful leadership development tool is a 'coach in the pocket', guiding managers to boost their impact and the performance of their team.

What are the benefits?

  • Managers create their own personal development plan.
  • Gamification elements create ‘stickiness’ and help managers stay on course.
  • Behavior change is supported by making leadership a daily habit.
  • HR can monitor and assess managers’ progress.
  • Styles and Climate is designed to deliver long-term results.

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How does it work?

  • The app enables managers to create their own development plan for broadening their leadership styles and improving the climate in which their teams operate
  • It delivers ‘micro-tips’ compiled from Hay Group experience, your company’s own priorities, and recommendations from other organizations and individuals using the app
  • These are automatically scheduled into the leader’s working day. Each one is relatively small, easy to complete, and eminently do-able
  • Team members monitor and assess their manager’s progress via automatic surveys
  • Organizations have the option to allow their manager to receive points, achievements and leader board rankings that maintain their interest and motivation
  • HR can monitor the programme and its impact behind the scenes