Activate and empower your managers

Strategy doesn’t just happen. At the end of the chain are people whom you need to convince, support and motivate to act in the right way and do the right things. Without them, decisions taken at the highest level stay in the clouds.

This means:

  • Getting to grips with what motivates your people and acting on it.
  • Removing red tape and bureaucracy and giving people the tools, information and development they need to do their job well.
  • Empowering your line managers: they have the biggest impact on the performance of their teams.

How Hay Group can help

Hay Group Activate apps

Hay Group Activate is a suite of simple and intuitive business apps that help your managers make your people strategy happen.

Each app addresses a specific people management challenge. It is then packed with Hay Group insight, aligned to your company policies and put into your managers’ hands.
HR keep control of what information managers can access and you can track how they are using it.

All our apps are available on mobile, tablet and PC.

The first three apps in the Hay Group Activate suite are:

Leadership Styles and Climate: a 'coach in the pocket' guiding managers to boost their impact and the performance of their team.

Grade a job: helps managers make decisions about how they defines the roles in their team.

Price a job: helps you make faster decision about what to pay your people.